Audio Library

We invite you to sample these audio selections from our previous concerts.

Down to the River to Pray - Traditional  Arr. S. Curry  2008

Seasons of Love - J. Larson  Arr. R. Emerson  2011                     

Be Still My SoulJ. Sibelius  Arr. R. E. Schram  2010

Lennon - McCartney Medley #2 - J. Lennon & P. McCartney  Arr. E. Lojeski  2006

We Rise Again - L. Dubinsky  Arr. S. Smith   2012

Chili CalienteD. Giardiniere & J. Martin  2013

Bright Morning StarsKentucky Folk Song  Arr. J. Althouse  2013

I Will Always Love YouD. Parton  Arr. M. Huff  2011

The Syncopated ClockL. Anderson & M. Parish  Arr. G. Gilpin  2012

You Raise Me UpR. Lovland & B. Graham  Arr. T. Chinn  2006

Vive la canadienneFrench-Canadian Folk Song  Arr. K. Bray  2008

For the Beauty of the Earth - J. Rutter  2009

Amazing Grace19th Century American melody  Arr. S. Poorman  2011

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